Monday, 6 May 2013

What's in a Name: Part 3 of 3

So, here we are, the final instalment of "what's in a name".

Before my little girl was born, there were so many names that I really liked, particularly simple, classic names such as Anna and Amy (Aimee) but in the end, we opted to name her after a flower, one which stands for peace, innocence and beauty (ahh).  Flower names seem to be so popular here in the UK at the moment - the air is filled with adult voices calling for the likes of Lilly, Poppy, Daisy or Jasmine.  These are such sweet names for little girls, but I often wonder if some of them will be as popular going into adulthood; ah well, I guess that's a risk we as parents need to take.  After all, it is never going to be as bad as the Johnny Cash single A Boy Named Sue or an ex-student of mine, Beefy (yip, just like the chip/crisp flavour!  And no, I am not having you on...not a nickname, his genuine christian name).

The last avenue in baby names which I am going to explore is that of androgynous names.  We all know the classics such as Chris (Christopher or Christine), Pat (Patrick or Patricia) and even the odd male Mandy, but there seems to be a recent trend, particularly in America, where parents are opting for more gender-neutral names.  Jayden (male or female)?  It has the sound of Jade yet rhymes with Aiden.  Currently in The States, Jayden is ranked #4 for boys and #292 for girls.  What about the arrival of Dakota Fanning, that brilliant, adorable (not so little any more) actress?  Her arrival onto our screens has sparked a real interest in the name, a name which sits closely in the rankings for both boys and girls (#297 for girls and #313 for boys).

I guess that the list is endless really, and all in all, name choices are ultimately down to individual taste and/or tradition; unless you are a teacher, because if this is the case, names are dictated to you by views which you hold about certain students...I once loved the name William if I were to ever have a son; not any more due to a particularly unpleasant student...thanks a lot!!

What names are you currently pondering over?  Anything unusual or more traditional?  Please share via the comment link below.

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