Friday, 30 August 2013

Commentary on ITV's Tonight show - Kids Without Dads

**This is not the usual blog post which you might find on my website...this post is merely a subjective commentary on the ITV Tonight show Kids Without Dads aired on 29 August 2013**

Last night (29 August 2013) ITV (UK) hosted a "tonight" special titled Kids Without Dads.  The show was filled with statistics on the breakdown of families and the impact that fatherless families are having on both children and society in general.  There were arguments which stated reasons behind "absent" fathers and agreements which countered those.  Phrases like "man deserts" (areas where 75% plus of homes are made up of single mothers) were thrown around on a few occasions and the price tag of £46 Billion was placed on the head of family breakdown in the UK.  The statistics are shocking (lone parent families are rising 20 000 every year; by 2015 there will be 2 000 000 children in the UK growing up without a father; a quarter of all children in the UK don't have a dad present; etc...etc...).  These are the facts and the stats.  Is this the main cause of societal breakdown?  Probably, but one important equation in this debacle is responsibility and maturity.  Personally, I am not interested in feeble explanations and ignorant individuals like one "father" who put it like this - "I buy my children presents on their birthdays, buy them cards at Christmas and send them some money every now and again; no one can say that I am a bad father, I'm there for my children" - my oh my!  I have also always stood by the notion that if you are mature enough to have intercourse, then you need to be mature enough to deal with the possible outcomes of that.  All these "men" who think they are such big deals and walk around with their chests puffed out, sporting a vest which is three sizes too small, or the big, inner city "hotshot" in his pinstripe suit moving from one woman to the next; irrespective of our social standing, as men, we hold the responsibility of being accountable for our actions.  I'm not talking of those who make an unbelievable effort to see their children and who are desperate to be a part of their lives after divorce or breakups, etc, I am focusing solely on those who think it's okay to impregnate women and then move onto the next one.  Children need us.  They need fathers to show them the way.  If you don't want the responsibility of being a father, do us all a favour and keep your little fella' to yourself.

If you missed the show, it can be found by clicking here 


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