Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The "Like" Campaign

I'm on a bit of a quest to promote the importance of parenthood, particularly fatherhood, and this picture is how I am going to try and reach a new audience via Facebook.  Being new to all this social media stuff, I am not too sure how it is going to work...but here goes anyway.

So, if you are a regular reader of the blog, and enjoy what I am doing, please follow me on Facebook by clicking the "like" button, and if you are an extra nice person, you may even feel drawn to "share" it via your Facebook page too.  Thanks so much for all the continued support and the comments which some of you have shared with me; it is really a worthwhile venture knowing that people are enjoying what I am doing.  

So to "like" and/or "share" me (virtually of course, not literally; that'd just be awkward!) please click here.  Lastly, you can also become a "fatherhood friend" via this page.  Many thanks!


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